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Q: What is the Independent Lodging Industry Association?
A: The Independent Lodging Industry Association was formed to promote, protect and advance the unique interests of independent lodging owners and their management teams. First and foremost is our view that a vibrant lodging industry that offers the greatest choice best serves the travelling public.

Q: Who are independent lodging owners?
A: Most ILIA members are individual owners of hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, franchise hotels, resorts and other non-chain lodging and recreation facilities.

Q: Why should travelers consider staying at an independently owned hotel?
A: ILIA members represent the full range of choices for consumers through their vast variety of lodging options. Independently owned lodging establishments offer travelers a unique one-of-a-kind experience that distinguishes our members from larger, corporate hotel chains.

Q: How does ILIA’s advocacy benefit the travelling public?
A: Without the loyal guests that frequent independently owned hotels, our members would be out of business. We understand that we all have to work hand-in-hand with our local cities and communities to maintain a thriving travel industry. However, unfair tax burdens should not be disproportionately placed on the travelling public or travel industry. In most areas, travelers already pay a locally imposed hotel tax for the privilege of occupying that room. ILIA opposes efforts to add additional taxes on consumers for optional services like valet parking, in-room movies, laundry services etc. ILIA will educate policy makers all over the country how these tax initiatives hurt jobs, the travel industry and the traveling public.

Q: Why is ILIA opposed to expanding current taxes on online travel bookings?
A: A robust travel industry is vital to the health of the lodging industry. Independently owned hotels do not have the advertising budgets or staff sizes that corporate hotel chains do, and therefore rely on online travel agencies to help sell hotel rooms that would otherwise go unsold. Our members already pay the local taxes based on room price and believe that adding a second tax specific to these online companies hurts the consumer and independently owned hotels.