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San Francisco Bay Coffee

Our approach to farming, milling, roasting, packaging and selling coffee is different than any other company. By going straight to source, we are able to focus on farming innovations that preserve natural habitats, yielding a better tasting product. We focus on packaging improvements to reduce the environmental impact even further and we constantly focus on quality control. All of this combined, improves the lives of everyone we do business with.

Heartland Fresh Baked Waffles

Heartland provides the best equipment, best service, and the best tasting waffles!Heartland's Waffle Mixes are made from premium ingredients. No one makes a better tasting waffle mix. And wait 'till you smell the aroma! Heartland's space saving "Little Bulldog Baker" offers the smallest footprint in the industry. Our two stage leavening system ensures high yields and low portion costs... costing significantly less than most other breakfast menu selections. Contact us at 1-866-571-0222 for more details on the Heartland Waffle Program.